Jonny Craig returns to the stage with 'The Places We'll Never Be' album tour

Jonny Craig 'The Places We'll Never Be' tour begins in California

The enigma of Jonny Craig will forever be the greatest "what-if" in this music scene. Raw, undeniable natural vocal talent that has always been plagued with controversy.

But Craig's fanbase hasn't given up on him... despite the constant jump from band to band, each one with a 'he said, she said' ending, his solo act has still amassed him over 150,000 monthly listeners on Spotify... even with Craig shifting to the R&B/Soul genre.

Jonny Craig is releasing his upcoming solo album 'The Places We'll Never Be' and the corresponding tour starting September 9th in Sacramento, and the local Los Angeles show on September 14th at The Mint.

'Iowa', Slipknot's iconic album of suffering, turns 20

Iconic Slipknot album 'Iowa' turns 20

One of the most brutal albums in metal history that nine member freak show Slipknot poured their blood, sweat and hate into has turned 20 years old.

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has openly stated he hated the period in his life in which Iowa took place. Between a combination of booze, self-harm, and overall low self-esteem, the album now seems like Slipknot achieved the unimaginable, finishing an album.

Even with the mental and physical setbacks, Iowa did the (then) seemingly impossible when it peaked at #3 on the Billboard album chart and then eventually went platinum in October 2001.

Slipknot will host their Knotfest in 2021 with festivals across the United States, with the local Los Angeles show on November 5th, 2021 at Banc of California Stadium.

Craig Owens shows us the new D.R.U.G.S. album... well, sort of.

Craig Owens teases new D.R.U.G.S. album

Followers of Craig Owens were in for a treat today when Owens posted on his Instagram story a photo of what appeared to be the unreleased Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows (D.R.U.G.S.) album.


Although we are unable to see the full track listing for the upcoming album, fans were able to see that it looks to be a full length second album, not just an EP.

Obviously, Owens posted this to pump up the hype for the D.R.U.G.S. tour starting in October. But there was never any explicit talk about a new album released before tour. The only new D.R.U.G.S. music we received was the single 'King I Am', which was dropped back in February 2020, nine years since the last album was released. However, 'King I Am' has mysteriously vanished off of all streaming platforms.

The D.R.U.G.S. American Tour starts on October 27th in Asbury Park, New Jersey with D.R.U.G.S being a last second addition to the Blue Ridge Rock Festival taking place from September 9th - 12th in Danville, Virginia.

Dance Gavin Dance announces Polyphia will join Afterburner Tour

Dance Gavin Dance announces Polyphia will join Afterburner Tour

Dance Gavin Dance announced on social media today that Animals As Leaders will not be joining them on their much anticipated Afterburner Tour that was originally slated to start in Early 2020.

Polyphia has been named as Animal As Leaders replacement and will be supporting all dates of the tour along with Veil Of Maya, Eidola, and Wolf & Bear.

With many dates already sold-out, the Afterburner Tour will prove to be an interesting event as Dance Gavin Dance is one of the earliest bands to get back on stage after navigating through the Covid-19 protocols implemented across the United States.

The Afterburner Tour kicks off September 7th in Portland Oregon.

The Used + Coheed & Cambria tour begins this week in SoCal as Covid-19 event restrictions loosen

The Used + Coheed & Cambria tour begins this week in SoCal as Covid-19 event restrictions loosen

The Used and Coheed & Cambria co-headlining tour begins this Friday August 27th, at the Five Point Amphitheater in Irvine, California.

A concert of this size is one of the first to be played in SoCal in nearly a year and a half. Despite new Covid-19 cases reportedly on the rise in Southern California, it appears the restrictions on large gatherings are continuing to be loosened in efforts to stimulate the devastated music and performing arts industry.

Alesana cancels remainder of The Emptiness tour due to Covid-19+ members

Alesana cancels remainder of The Emptiness tour due to Covid-19+ members

Alesana announced via their Instagram that they will be canceling the final four dates of The Emptiness 10 year anniversary tour due to Covid-19 positive results.

In addition to the cancelation of the remaining tour dates, Alesana had also previously stated they will not be playing their Nashville and St. Louis stops. The reason for cancelation behind those dates is totally up to speculation since Alesana did not explicitly state why they were refunding Nashville and St. Louis.

But after the news broke of their Covid-19 positive members, we can pretty much put 2 and 2 together.

Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows announces American Tour

Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows announces American Tour

Craig Owens has officially announced that Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows (D.R.U.G.S.) will be going on tour later this year, nearly a decade since their last performance onstage.

Despite the decade long hiatus from music, D.R.U.G.S. has still maintained an extremely loyal fanbase, whether they be fans of Chiodos, Isles & Glaciers, Cinematic Sunrise, badxchannels, or whichever project Craig Owens has been apart of within the last 20 years.

The resurgence of D.R.U.G.S. can possibly leave the door open to the return for many bands that have kept a strong fanbase despite being on hiatus/calling it quits. It's no secret that damn near all artists have been absolutely decimated by Covid-19, the question is if they are willing to reunite with their former bandmates and tolerate another tour together.

It's easy to say the choice here is obvious since many of us have never been on tour and have never experienced the stress of being confined to small living quarters for months on end, but with the lingering threat of going an extended period of time with no income due to the show shutdowns, maybe we might start seeing long dead acts revived.

Joey Jordison, drummer and founding member of Slipknot, passes away at 46

Joey Jordison, drummer and founding member of Slipknot, passes away at 46

Joey Jordison passed away in sleep on Monday July, 26th 2021, according to a representative of his family. Jordison's death is absolutely devastating blow to the music community due to his extremely influential and innovative drumming.

Although no cause of death has been disclosed, Jordison stated in 2016 that he was diagnosed with Acute Transverse Myelitis a year before he departed Slipknot. The disease is a spinal cord inflammation that is a form of multiple sclerosis causing Jordison to lose function with his legs, ultimately effecting the fast-style of drumming he was legendary for.

Musicians and fans all over the world took to social media to pay tribute to Joey Jordison, one of the greatest drummers to ever stand behind the kit.

Sleeping with Sirens to play Emo Nite's 'Vegas Vacation' mega party

Sleeping with Sirens to play Emo Nite's 'Vegas Vacation' mega party

There's no promoter in the scene right now that's more popular than Emo Nite. What started out as scene kids who grew up and wanted to create this generations nostalgia-fest in the emo/scene/post-hardcore genre has now garnered the attention from icons in this music scene.

Enter Sleeping With Sirens.

Sleeping with Sirens announced they will be playing at the Emo Nite 'Vegas Vacation' festival from October 14th - 17th. With such a big name added to the festival, I don't see ticket availability lasting very long, especially given Emo Nite's track record of always hosting legendary parties plus random celebrity drop ins.

The Emo Nite 'Vegas Vacation' festival will take place October 14th - 17th. So get 'em while their hot.

Alesana announces The Emptiness 10 year anniversary tour

Alesana announces The Emptiness 10 year anniversary tour

Legendary post-hardcore group Alesana (and one of my personal favorite bands of all time) announced the 10 year anniversary tour of (and one of my personal favorite ALBUMS of all time) The Emptiness.

Alesana's The Emptiness tour will be supported by Picturesque and Veio, and surprisingly , will feature no additional artists off of Revival Records.

To my, and I'm sure many of Alesana's core fanbase's displeasure... Alesana will not be reaching the west coast during this monumental tour. However, it's most likely due to the strict Covid-19 mandates still in effect across the pacific coast states.

The Emptiness Tour begins August 4th in Chapel Hill, North Carolina