Thursday sets a record at The Glass House in Pomona

Thursday sets a record at The Glass House in Pomona

The Glass House - Pomona

Post-hardcore pioneers Thursday entered their final show of 2019 with a performance at local iconic venue The Glass House in Pomona, California. The lineup comprising of vocalist Geoff Rickly, guitarists Tom Keeley and Steve Pedulla, touring bassist Stuart Richardson, and drummer Tucker Rule were coming off a massive show the night before at The Shrine in Los Angeles, opening for fellow New Jersey-based artists and close friends, My Chemical Romance.

As the night progressed, the small showroom that is The Glass House was rowdy with a sold-out crowd anxiously awaiting Thursday’s arrival… 

Suddenly, a total blackout engulfs the audience… fans screaming from every direction, speakers begin peaking from the bass blasting while faint, shadowy silhouettes float across the stage into position. We hear open guitar notes strumming as bright blue lights wash the room… Thursday has officially taken the stage.

Frontman Geoff Rickly emerges with his back to the audience, he begins swinging his mic over and over until he rushes to the edge of the stage and we hear the sudden intro to For The Workforce, Drowning… causing the crowd to scream so powerful, they actually drown out the music itself. Rickly goes on to introduce himself and the band between songs before performing their hits Cross Out The Eyes, Jet Black New Year, and the Billboard charting Signals Over the Air.

The energy and sheer force that Thursday brings onstage is what separates great performers from the living legends. And as Thursday finished the closing sounds of Division St., the thunderous roar of “ENCORE” echoed the venue. 

Thursday reemerged once again to play Time’s Arrow, Beyond the Visible Spectrum, and War All the Time.

And while many believed War All the Time would signal the end of their sold-out show, they treated their loyal fans to a cover of the Buzzcocks Ever Fallen in Love and then closing out with Turnpike Divides.

Rickly stated to the crowd that this show tonight was record setting, as it was officially the longest setlist Thursday had ever played in their existence with a total of 18 songs.